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Moving on – YES
There is a role for you!
Sharing your skills, experience, wisdom, nurturing the young – keeping the fun and adventure of guiding alive.
Helping others to enjoy better lives by belonging to Girlguiding UK.YES – because it really is worth it!
  • The aims of the Trefoil Guild To live the Spirit of Guiding!
  • To offer practical help to Girlguiding UK!
  • To support Guiding worldwide!
What is the Trefoil Guild?

The Trefoil Guild is a non-uniformed section of Girlguiding UK. The Trefoil Guild enables men and women to maintain their links with guiding. It aims to keep alive the spirit of the Guide Promise and Law and offers practical help to Guiding.

Who may join?

The Trefoil Guild offers a warm welcome to everyone, male or female, aged 18 or over, whether or not they have previously been connected with the Guide Movement. Full membership is open to anyone willing to make or renew the Guide/promise.

Members of over 1,100 local Guilds throughout the UK enjoy all the tremendous benefits of belonging to Girlguiding UK.

Many Guild activities result in positive benefit to the community, but as any Guild member will tell you, a large part of the programme is devoted to having plain old-fashioned fun!

“I’ll always be a Trefoil member with its automatic membership to the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF)”

So if you’ve recently left Girlguiding UK and want to stay involved with the Movement, or if you’ve never been a member but would like to support Guiding in your area, The Trefoil Guild is for you. It’s the chance to make new friends, help other people, develop your own skills and, most of all, have fun... just as the Guides do.Why not give it a try?We’re waiting to meet you!

As a Division we are very fortunate to have an active Trefoil Guild to support us.

The group meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month and there are currently 26 members in the group.  As well as having speakers at their monthly meetings the group regularly raises money for charities, visits places of interest,  meets up with other Trefoil Guilds and help out with Division and County events.

To find out more about the Trefoil Guild click here.

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